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Clay: Just tell me why.
McGee: Just getting old Clay. This life hasn't given me much in the way of retirement. It was just about the money, brother.

This is some medieval shit.


Kozik: Alvarez is a smart guy. He's got a family. He'll get it.
Tig: You better be right.

Never, ever, lie to the club!


Right, right. So I guess it's the truth we're after.


Trinity: How are you Jackson?
Jax: I'm tired Trinity.

Hale: This is blackmail.
Salazar: Yeah. I got an app for that homes.

Happy: Hey! Where the hell you going?
O'Neill: Got a murderous shite. You wanna watch?
Happy: Do you?
Juice: No, I'm good.

Get out! Come try and fetch me and Kerri again and I swear on my Catholic God I'll fill your thick Irish skull with bullets.

Fiona (to Jimmy)
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