I can put on a show, just like Alina.


I don't play with animals nipples trying to get milk out.


Who stays in this game isn't about who works hard around camp, it's about who stays loyal to me.


I'm a farm girl and farm girls have a strong heart and strong will.


Reward was for a horseback ride and breakfast and you get to milk your own milk, I guess. I don't know if that makes sense.

Kelly S

Jeff: Dan, you can hear the ice cubes plunking in the glasses.
Dan: If it's not a martini, it doesn't bother me.

"You're the black widow, the black mamba and the black cobra all rolled into one." - Marty about Brenda.

"Looking at this group, you kind of look like you don't fit in." - Jeff to Marty about being on La Flor.

Fabio is so up in the air all the time, who knows which way the wind is blowing tonight.


I'm as thick as peanut butter and jelly with the younger La Flor tribe.


I just want to feast.


I don't need the money. I've got a Ranger Rover, I've got a Ferreri. Why in the world am I doing this?


Survivor Season 21 Quotes

Regale me with a story, woman.


I know [Brenda] trusts me 100%. I probably trust her 95%.