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Daphne: I just missed my bus.
Campbell: Would you like a ride?
Daphne: Like, on your lap?
Campbell: In my Camaro.

I just wanted to say peace. I’m sure it’s weird being at a school with a bunch of deaf kids, but we’re just like everyone else. You just have to face us and enunciate.


I'm not going to let you take the fall for me when I'm the one who got us into this mess.


However you're feeling right now, he's going to feel way worse when he figures out what he lost.


Oh my God could someone just say it? If you two want to have sex then go have sex. You're not going to hell.


I know some people, myself included, may have thought they were a little too young to take this step. But when you find the one who's right for you, you hang on tight because if you don't, they can slip away. To Toby and to Nikki - hang on tight and enjoy the ride.


Right now she's damn lucky she's a Kennish.


Wow. If I knew there were going to be break-ins and blackmail, I never would have left. This is way more exciting than Maui, Kansas.


She's not committing a felony or getting married. For us, right now, that's a win.

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