Wysocki: I have a cousin, raised Catholic, met a Jewish girl, converted and has never been happier.
Caleb: What's your point?
Wysocki: It's not too late to convert and become a Sox fan and find some happiness.

Liam: I am going on the city payroll?
Gibbons: Don't fool yourself, there is nothing more rewarding than public service.

Nice tackle, you're more Bears fan than Cub fan.


Liam: [knocks on door] Hello?
Man: Who the hell is it?
Liam: Mr Leonard Rosco?
Man: I know who I am, I am asking who the hell are you?

Ma'am I have to ask, will we always be out taking calls? I get the Superintendent killed on my first day could go on my permanent record and put a kink in my future plans.


Bidwell: Ma'am do you want to wait in the car, backup is on the way.
Colvin: [gun ready] Do I look like I want to wait in the car?

So what do you say Big Sexy, feel like staying out of prison a bit longer?


Wysocki: You should write "checks" you can't cash
Caleb: I know, help me cash me this one!

Wysocki: I handpicked these three cop'ers myself; you can't make a bad decision. Besides I can't keep showing up here at the crack of dawn, people will start to talk.
Colvin: Well that's the best reason I have heard yet

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