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You're my half sister Emma. Despite it all, if you and Sutton hadn't been asking those questions we never would've found each other.


Sutton: C'mon Emma we're sisters.
Emma: Don't you think it's a little late to be playing that card.

A killer with a guilty conscience.


You're too close to this. You're gonna get hurt.


So much for here comes the bride.


You and me. We're everything.

Ethan [to Emma]

Rebecca: Who else would be so protective of the secret of the twins that they would kill for it?
Sutton: Well, you.

You need to be honest with him and yourself, before somebody gets hurt.


The safest thing you could do right now is stay out of it. This is a murder investigation.


Emma: I really hope that you and Ethan can make things work.
Sutton: Why? So you can stop second guessing your feelings for Thayer?

I never thought one of the best heart to hearts would be with Ethan Whitehorse.


It's like I got voted off the island.

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You definitely got the smart half of the embryo.


I always say that "Hope is grief's best music."


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