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He doesn't need luck. He has me.


Ethan: Oh my God what did I do?
Sutton: Me. Several times actually.

Tonight was kind of amazeballs and I hope it was amazeballs for you, too


You and I broke up, remember? So you lost the right to ask me that.


Mads: If you knew about the twins, why didn't you say anything?
Alec: Because I'm protecting them. Because there's a killer still out there who doesn't want the secret of the twins known. It's the same person who killed Derek that put me in here.

Rebecca: Look, that boy is distracting you, taking your focus off the plan. The only man needing seducing is Ted.
Sutton: Ew. I know like one big happy family, but ew.

Sutton: So it's totally cool if Ethan and I give in to the obvious chemistry between us?
Emma: Yes. It's so fine. Sutton, he is all yours.

Jordan is a bit of a wild card, and that's the last thing we need right now.


Why do you allow yourself to be continually punked by that girl?

Mads [to Ethan]
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