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The voice
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Blake: I love you, Adam.
Adam: I love you too...totally in a non-sexual way.
Blake: I can't say the same.

Blake: Even Christina's smiling, and she never smiles.
Christina: Fuck you.

I get very Jewish with the fire, when it comes down.


Even old crap jacket liked you over there.


Christina (to Lindsey): I just want to play with you.
Blake: That's weird.

I'm so happy I didn't push my fucking button. That guy's like "I love you, Cee Lo."


I woulda picked "Monster Mash" if I was going for creepy.


I think they were fooled by flash and boobs.


Cee Lo: Do you mind me asking your age?
Preston: No I don't mind. It doesn't mean I'm gonna answer you.

Christina: I love you Blake. We're still gonna go fishing, don't worry.
Blake: Ok good. Good, I'm gonna drown you.

I'm learning from the most powerful voice of my generation.

Chris Mann

Adam couldn't even phrase that sentence, but he was cute doing it.

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