(to Anna) I promise you this. One day you will feel the sting of your daughter's betrayal as I have felt yours. Tick tock. Tick tock.


Jack: Just pray with me. The soul is a blessing.
Ryan: No, it's also a curse.

If he (Ryan) wants to be human, I'll make sure he suffers like a human.


Anna: (to Diana) Is that what I am looking for? What makes human's human. The soul?
Diana: The soul is what lies beneath.

Chad Decker is the target.


(to Diana) No more games mother. You will tell me everything you know about human emotion and how to defeat it.


Anna: You seemed concerned Lisa.
Lisa: Of course I am mother. I want to make sure we find the traitors.

Us? What are we four people? We need an army and these people have one.


There's no greater bond than a nurturing mother and her child.

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