Angelina ... don't know nothin' about Ron.

The Situation was a man in that situation.

Snooki: You farted and it's coming in my mouth & nose.
Angelina: Oops.

I was like, really really really drunk, because I'm not comfortable here.

I didn't know being drunk and people making mistakes was that bad.

Whatever you think I said ... I probably said it.

[to Pauly D] I would marry you. I think about you everyday.

Angelina: We're cool, right?
Sammi: I dunno, I've been hearing a lot of stuff.

Snooki: You're a white rat and you're f*%king pale and you're nasty.
Angelina: Yeah well you're too tan and you're disgusting.
Snooki: I AM tan and I like being tan BITCH!

I'm tryin' to be classy right now!

Angelina: I think you should shut your f*%king mouth.
JWoww: You want to step the f*%k outside? Let's go!

What's her problem? I was mad chill with her.

Angelina Pivarnick Quotes

The Situation: Shut your mouth you dirty little hamster.
Angelina: You look like Popeye on crack.
The Situation: You look like a ho.
Angelina: You're a dirtbag and your penis should fall off.

I am the Kim Kardashian of Staten Island baby.