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Jack and Cole are still on the loose in NYC this week, trying to break out Dana Walsh. They succeed, arriving at the location where she's being held by private contractors and pretty much killing them all. They grab Dana, just as CTU finds out what's going on because one of the agents Jack had tied up calls in.

Chloe must phone the President, who reacts by taking Charles Logan's advice: she puts his aide in charge of the CTU efforts to track down Jack. Why? So he can arrange to have the Russians kill Jack once he's found. This all follows a moving speech by Dhalia Hassan, who talks about Presiden Taylor's moral courage. Little does she know!

Jack forces Dana to admit that the video evidence against the Russians is in a safe deposit box. Her and Cole enter a bank to retrieve it because it's in there name, while Jack waits outside. Alone in a private room, Cole opens the box and a mini explosion goes off. He isn't dead, but he's knocked out, as Dana takes a gun from the box, kills at least one employee and calls 911. She tells them the man she's seen on the news (Jack) is standing outside the bank.

Police swarm, but Jack gets away and runs down Dana, who has escaped. He holds her at gunpoint, gets the evidence from her - and then shoots her twice in the chest.

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Meh. Jack did have the moral high ground. He was going to "out" President Taylor for the coverup. Shooting Starbuck...uh, I mean Dana, was what we all wanted him to do... but Jack would have found a way to turn her over to the authorities. (NOT going against his word... he probably would have released her if she had given the evidence instead of attempting to run.)
I have to say that the most laughable moment was when Cole heard the device in the saftey deposit box charging up and continued to stare in the box like an idiot... yeah, right... elite CTU training!!! LOL.


My take is this. Jack and the President or on parallel journeys. They are both allowing their desires (Jack for revenge, Prez for peace/legacy). They are giving something up to get it, their personal integrity. Both have good reasons for doing this, but both are compromising their ethics in the process.