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A perfectly mediocre episode of 90210 this week. No real surprises took place on "I See London, I See France," as Teddy continued his confused spiral, Navid made some hilarious jokes and Liam learned more about Laura.
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Adrianna and Liam both went topless on this week's episode of 90210, though each ended up reacting very differently to their situations. Elsewhere, secrets and scars were exposed, as we've published a detailed review of "How Much is That Liam in the Window."
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90210 upped the ante a bit this week and gave viewers a few interesting storylines. From Silver's suspicions about Mr. Cannon to Adrianna's dilemma, we review every development on "2021 Vision."
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This episode of 90210 was all about relationships. Which ones were interesting and entertaining? And which fizzled due to boring writing and a lack of real drama? Read on. Find out.
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With the SATs on the horizon, a lot went wrong for many characters this week. Let's analyze the 90210 episode "Multiple Choices" together.
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