"A Star is Reborn"

On American Dad Season 12 Episode 10, Roger tries to train Hayley and Steve while Stan heads to Los Angeles and believes he's a reincarnated movie star.

"My Affair Lady"

On American Dad Season 12 Episode 9, Stan takes Francine and Steve to the Mother/Son dance and Hayley is attracted to a coworker at her new job.

"Morning Mimosa"

On American Dad Season 12 Episode 8, Steve has to fend for himself after he mouths off to Francine and she refuses to continue feeding him.


On American Dad Season 12 Episode 7, when Hayley wants to join the roller derby squad she's told they'll only take her if she also gets her "sister" Steve to play.

"Dreaming of a White Porsche Christmas"

On American Dad Season 12 Episode 6, Stan dreams of changing places with Lewis ina a spoof of "It's a Wonderful Life"

"Now and Gwen"

On American Dad Season 12 Episode 5, Hayley worries that Franicine's sister Gwen has ulterior motives when she visits.

"Big Stan on Campus"

Cuts within the CIA have Stan taking on a campus security position and Roger opening a bed and breakfast on American Dad Season 12 Episode 4.

"Scents and Sensei-Bility"

Tired of being bullied, Steve and Snot enter a karate contest on American Dad Season 12 Episode 3.


On American Dad season 12 episode 2, Stan decides he must prove that humans are better than robots when a drone takes over one of his jobs.

"Blonde Ambition"

On American Dad Season 11 Episode 1, Hayley decides to become a blonde. Her goal is to receive more attention via this change. (The show, meanwhile, now airs on TBS.)

American Dad Quotes

Snot: I'm with Beezus on this one, guys. Ramona went into her room. No permission! The sign said "do not enter."
Steve: Do not enter the kingdom of Heaven"! Beezus is a Christ figure! Her name rhymes with Jesus! [points at a page in his book] It's right there!

Francine: [having seen Roger on TV, disguised as Terry and Greg's adopted child] Roger is their adopted baby?!
Klaus: But that can't be! I just saw Roger sleeping in the attic! He was 2 pillows and a soccer ball. Oh, wait a minute.