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"A Boy Named Michael"

Roger disguises himself as Greg and Terry's newly adopted Russian son on American Dad.

"Roger Passes the Bar"

A heart attack as Roger selling his bar and moving in with Greg and Terry on the season premiere of American Dad.

"The Longest Distance Relationship"

The Season 9 finale of American Dad has Hayley heartbroken over Jeff's abduction, but a millionaire may help her deal with the tragedy.

"News Glances With Genevieve Vavance"

During her internship, Hayley works with a controversial reporter with a secret on American Dad.

"Permanent Record Wrecker"

Stan ends up working at the local grocery store managed by Steve when the CIA leaves him out in the cold on American Dad.


An insurance agent threatens to tell Francine when Stan gets into an accident after checking out girls on American Dad.

"She Swill Survive"

Stan worries that Hayley needs life skills so he forces her to take a job as a bartender in Roger's attic bar on American Dad.

"Honey I'm Homeland"

Roger holds a candelight vigil when Stan disappears and terrorists are suspected on American Dad.

"Stan Goes On the Pill"

When Bullock takes an experimental pill to become a woman, he puts the moves on Stan on American Dad.

"I Ain't No Holodeck"

Stan takes the kids to play in the woods and then end up on the CIA's holodeck on American Dad.

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