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-Johnny Vasquez is found shot to death. Johnny is really Eddie Castillo, an undercover cop.

-Castillo's partner, Det. Charlie Meeks is Peter's former partner who saved him when he was shot.

-Megan thinks Meeks may have set up another suspect and may have murdered Castillo.  Peter defends his former partner.

-Megan and Curtis find out that someone tampered with the murder weapon and cut themselves. They ask Meeks for a blood sample and then arrest him.

-Meeks' Captain then has every officer sign a statement about their involvement in the case. Meeks arrest was a set to find the killer with the cut on his hand. Det. Lopez is arrested for murder.

-Megan meets Bud's wife Jeanie and diagnoses that she has gestational diabetes.  


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Pretty sure the guest actress was Emily West singing her own song.


It's actually called "Head on" by emily west. Awesome song and show !!


"Blue Sky" from Emily West. The singer was a guest actress for this episode.


Music by Daniel Licht
Don't know anymore info


I really enjoy Body Of Proof. Episode Shades of Blue was Great. Who is the singer who sang at the end of the show and the title of her song??? Perfect song for the show last night.

Body of Proof Season 2 Episode 12 Quotes

Kirsten: You think I killed Johnny?
Samantha: I can't say that would shock us.

Bud: How do you women do it.
Megan: Do what?
Bud: Survive pregnancy?