"Miami Heat is Back"

On Bring It Season 2 Episode 1, a new rival emerges, intent on proving that their victory over the Dolls last year was anything but a fluke.

"The DD4L Tour"

Miss D and the Dancing Dolls take their dance tour on the road on Bring It. We're inching ever closer and closer to the season finale.

"Chumps or Champions"

The Dancing Dolls go up against their two top major rivals to win back their title as "Top Majorette Dance Team in the South" on Bring It. Talk about pressure!

"Bucking for Revenge"

Camryn and Tamia bump heads as they vie for Kayla's captain's seat and Miss D takes a risk on the Baby Dancing Dolls on Bring It!

"Dolls vs. Dollz - The Rematch"

Camryn's dream of becoming head captain is at risk when she has trouble learning a new routine and the Dancing Dolls go up against the Dynamic Diamond Dollz on Bring It.

"Pray for Sunjai"

Sunjai struggles to make the competition team before the season ends on Bring It. Kayla tries to help.

"Baby Dolls vs Baby Tigerettes"

The Dancing Doll Parents perform a full routine at competition while the Baby Dancing Dolls to take center stage and battle their number one rival on Bring It.

"Nashville Smackdown"

The Dancing Dolls take on teams from all over the South when they head to Nashville on Bring It.

"Kayla's Big Surprise"

Miss D decides to attempt the team's very first lyrical routine when they compete against Jackson, Mississippi on Bring It.

"A New Rival Emerges"

Selena may be cut from the Beyonce-themed routine when the Dancing Dolls go up against the Miami dance team on Bring It!