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"Presenting My New Team"

The original squad and their moms are shocked when Abby presents her new team at pyramid on Dance Moms.

"Lights! Camera! Dance!"

The dancers feel the pressure to continue their strea of winning 13 competitions Dance Moms.

"Family Comes First"

Abby leaves the girls and their mothers to fend for themselves, when her mother's health takes a turn on Dance Moms.

"Decisions, Decisions"

Abby comes to a decision about whether to make Kalani a member of the dance company on Dance Moms.

"Sister Showdown"

Maddie and MacKenzie compete against one another on Dance Moms. Also, Christi considers home school for Chloe.

"Blame It On the New Girl"

A new girl tries out for Abby's dance troupe while Cathy prepares to break Abby's winning streak on Dance Moms.

"No Solo For You"

Kira is unhappy when Abby gives Kendall a solo on Dance Moms.

"Nothing's Fair in Abbyville"

Chloe and Kalani compete on the dance floor to see who will be Abby's go-to dancer on Dance Moms.

"Wingman Down"

Now that Kellly and her daughters have left the studio, Christi isolates her self from the other mothers on Dance Moms.

"Big Trouble in the Big Apple"

Abby announces that she will be putting together an All-Star show as she holds her final open casting call in New York City on Dance Moms.