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October 12, 2007 Photograph
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Concerned to learn Robin's plan, Patrick fears she's simply reacting to their break-up in an inappropriate way. Max suggests to Sonny that the time has come to send Anthony Zacchara a strong message. Carly refuses to budge when Jason drags Johnny up to the penthouse for a chat. Robin icily informs Patrick that her decision to become a single mother has absolutely nothing to do with him. An enraged Luke (Anthony Geary) accuses Scott of taking advantage of Lulu's vulnerability. Meanwhile, Lulu admits to Logan that the deal she struck with his dad isn't the only reason she's ready to give him a second chance.

Johnny warns Jason (Steven Burton) there'll be hell to pay if he isn't released soon. Lainey pays another visit to Cody, who insists he's ready to face the consequences of his actions. Nikolas snaps at Emily again when she urges him to stay close to home. Patrick drops a bombshell on a startled Leo before Robin has a chance to explain her parenting proposition. Kate is rattled to overhear Sonny and Max discussing how to eliminate Trevor. Luke storms over to Spoon Island and demands to know why Nikolas didn't protect his baby sister. Trevor orders Sonny to give back Zacchara's son ... or else! Carly fills Jax in on the text message she received. Later, Jax speculates that Nikolas may have killed Letitia in a fit of rage.

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