General Hospital

Fridays 3:00 PM on ABC
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Today on General Hospital, the plot thickens. Certain Logan is merely trying to cover his own tracks, Lulu tries to flee but he grabs her as Johnny pounds on the front door. Panicked to discover Kate bleeding, Sonny calls for an ambulance. Jerry promises Alexis he's going to find the person who terrorized Kristina.

Lulu manages to knock Logan unconscious, then shows Johnny the evidence. Robin rejects Leyla's olive branch. Nadine urges Nikolas to talk with Emily about the night she died. Ric returns with another gift for Marianna. Sonny tells Jason he's certain Claudia or one of the other Zaccharas put a hit on Kate. Scott admits to Lulu, Lucky and Johnny how he suspected his son might be the serial killer.

Leo cautions Sonny that the bullet is lodged close to Kate's heart and will require surgery. Jerry brings Ric up to speed on Kristina's predicament. Jason gets nowhere trying to calm Sonny. Ian suggests to Nikolas that a new drug could be his best hope but warns that the illegal treatment would have to be administered in secret. A seething Sonny threatens to kill Johnny if Kate fails to survive.

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