Cooter and Sue
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 7
"I Kissed a Girl"
Original Air Date:

Someone actually tries to fix the student election this week. Coach Beiste, meanwhile, gets up the courage to challenge Sue.

Santana on Stage
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 6
"Mash Off"
Original Air Date:

Sue smears Burt this week, whike Puck develops a crush. Elsewhere, Shelby gets behind the idea of friendly inter-group competition.

Blaine vs. Sebastian
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 5
"The First Time"
Original Air Date:

We meet Sebastian this week on Glee, a mean member of the Warblers. Two couples also has sex for the first time.

Puck and Daughter
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 4
"Pot O' Gold"
Original Air Date:

Will finds an opponent to run against Sue this week. Elsewhere, Mercedes tries to recruit singers for Shelby's choir.

A Flower Offering
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 3
"Asian F"
Original Air Date:

We meet two sets of parents this week: Emma and Mike's. The latter are concerned about their son's grades.

Shelby Corcoran Returns
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 2
"I Am Unicorn"
Original Air Date:

Welcome back, Idina Menzel! Shelby Corcoran makes her return to Glee on this episode.

Rachel in the Choir Room
Watch Glee Season 3 Episode 1
"The Purple Piano Project"
Original Air Date:

Glee is back with season three! On this premiere, Sue preps her run for Congress, while New Directions try to bounce back.

Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 22
"New York"
Original Air Date:

On Glee's season two finale, New Directions travels from Lima to New York City to compete in Nationals. They take in the sights and sounds of the city.

Kurt on Stage
Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 21
Original Air Date:

An untimely death takes center stage this week. Read on for a recap of "Funeral."

Prom Queen Picture
Watch Glee Season 2 Episode 20
"Prom Queen"
Original Air Date:

The campaign for Prom Queen and King heats up; Principal Figgins asks New Directions to perform for the prom.

Glee Quotes

You know, a great big fat person once stood on this stage and told a group of a dozen or so nerds in hideous disco outfits that glee, by its very definition, is about opening yourself up to joy. Now it's no secret that for a long time I thought that was a load of hooey. As far as I could see the glee club was nothing but a place where a bunch of cowardly losers go to sing their troubles away and delude themselves into thinking that they live in a world that cares one iota about their hopes and dreams, totally divorced from the harsh reality that in the real world there's not much more to hope for than disappointment, heartbreak, and failure. And you know what. I was exactly right. Thats exactly what glee club is. But I was wrong about the cowardly part. What I finally realized, now that I'm well into my late thirties, it takes a lot of bravery to look around you and see the world not as it is but as it should be. A world where the quarterback becomes best friends with the gay kid, and the girl with the big nose ends up on Broadway. Finding the courage to open up your heart and sing about it. That's what glee club is. And for the longest time I thought that was silly, and now I think it's just about the bravest thing that anyone could do.


[to Finn] You know, I don't really know what's going to happen between us, but I know that you used to be the guy that would make me feel like the most special girl in the whole world, and it doesn't feel that way anymore. Now it just feels sad and confusing. And the worst part is that it doesn't even feel that bad anymore.