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Monroe Is Warned
Watch Grimm Season 2 Episode 6
"Over My Dead Body"
Original Air Date:

On Grimm, Angelina returns to tell Monroe that his relationship with Nick may be putting him in danger.

Monroe Works To Reconnect
Watch Grimm Season 2 Episode 5
"The Good Shepherd"
Original Air Date:

On Grimm, after a robbery Monroe investigates a Wesen church. Nick tries to reconnect with Juliette while he's being stalked.

Monroe & Rosalee Are Shocked
Watch Grimm Season 2 Episode 4
Original Air Date:

On Grimm, while investigating an accident Nick uncovers a dangerous Wesen disease and Rosalee and Monroe come in contact with an infected creature.

Nick & Hank to the Rescue
Watch Grimm Season 2 Episode 3
"Bad Moon Rising"
Original Air Date:

On Grimm, when the daughter of an old friend of Hank's goes missing, Nick looks into why she disappeared.

Juliette Sleeps
Watch Grimm Season 2 Episode 2
"The Kiss"
Original Air Date:

On Grimm, more is learned about Juliette's condition as Monroe and Rosalee race to save her life.

Grimm Season 2 Premiere Pic
Watch Grimm Season 2 Episode 1
"Bad Teeth"
Original Air Date:

Nick deals with his mother's death on the Grimm Season 2 premiere. Elsewhere, Renard works to reconnect with his estranged sibling.

Nick Is Shocked
Watch Grimm Season 1 Episode 22
"Woman in Black"
Original Air Date:

On the season finale of Grimm, a woman in black brings added complications for Nick and Hank and the mystery of the coins intensifies.

Monroe & Nick Are Shocked
Watch Grimm Season 1 Episode 21
"Big Feet"
Original Air Date:

On Grimm, a friend of Monroe's ends up involved in a double homicide

Nick Investigates a Death
Watch Grimm Season 1 Episode 20
"Happily Ever Aftermath"
Original Air Date:

Hank and Nick look into the link between a rich woman's death and her step-daughter's financial issues on Grimm.

Juliette, Nick, & Monroe
Watch Grimm Season 1 Episode 19
"Leave It To Beavers"
Original Air Date:

A rift in the creature world comes to light when a construction worker is found dead on Grimm.

Don’t take any chances - watch Grimm online! Grimm follows David Giuntoli as Nick Burkhardt, a Portland Police detective who is a descendant of the legendary Grimm brothers - and discovers that there’s much more to his heritage than he ever imagined. Nick’s dying aunt tells him about the monsters that live all around him, and soon he begins to see them for himself: Hexenbiest, Blutbad, Fuchsbau, and many more - they seem endless. Some want to just live and be left alone, blending in with human society - but others, the bad ones, need to be stopped, and that’s where the Grimms come in. Armed with a trailer full of Grimm lore and deadly weapons entrusted to him by his aunt, Nick must learn all he can, and fast, because there are mysterious forces and centuries-old feuds at work. When you watch Grimm online, you’re plunged into a world of monsters, Old World conspiracies, magic, and danger as Nick starts to discover what it truly means to be a Grimm. Grimm also stars Sasha Roiz (Captain Sean Renard), Silas Weir Mitchell (Monroe), Russell Hornsby (Detective Hank Griffin), Bitsie Tulloch (Juliette Silverton), Bree Turner (Rosalee Calvert), Claire Coffee (Adalind Schade), and Reggie Lee (Sergeant Wu). Watch Grimm online now!

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Come on let's have a brew. And, by the way, you're paying for that window.


Why can't you look at her ass like the rest of us?