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The Leverage team takes on Congress and the owner of a company who has built her fortune taking advantage of cheerleaders in her school when they are asked to help by a coach who was banned after one of her girls got hurt due to low safety standards set by the owner's other company that sets cheer safety.

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In this episode the truth of injury in cheer related activities is dead on factual, more serious injuries occur on average every year to cheer athletes. Yes, … Cheer is athletic, but in spite of the so-called "competitions�, … it is NOT a Sport! John Rogers & Chris Downey wrote an episode surrounding one of the best kept secrets of cheer athletes, how many perform injured & bleeding, football has progressed way beyond the attitude an athlete must be tough and ignore the pain of many injuries. When was the last time you read a Coaches perspective on a physical activity, … which began with a list of injuries each athlete has endured? Yes, injuries can occur, but most of the Cheer related injuries can be avoided through a reasonable treatment of injuries & provision of Professionally educated & "hands-on" trained Coaches! Leverage in this episode has revealed a TRUTH, cheer is dangerous & can wreck a young athlete’s life, all for a trophy! Thanks TEAM Leverage.


Another fantastic episode. If TNT doesn't renew Leverage for a 6th season and with The Closer gone I will have absolutely no reason to watch TNT at all.Curious to see just what Nate is trying to accompish with Hardison in the first episode and now Eliot is onto the fact that there is something going on.Wonder What?


Cant wait Parker is going to be amzing in this (as she always is)!!!!

Leverage Season 5 Episode 5 Quotes

Yeah, the guys got integrity. Elected official or not, you can't con an honest man.


Sophie: Did you know about this? Girls being dropped from 20 feet, it's unbelievable.
Parker: I know right. 20 feet, walk it off.
Sophie: Parker, you do know that normal people just don't "walk off" a 20 foot fall, right?
Parker: So, all those times I pushed Hardison off a building, and he was all AAAHHHHHH, he wasn't just being funny?
Eliot: I thought it was funny Parker.