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Events on the island itself during the series finale felt incredibly arbitrary. Let's go over them below:

- Rose and Bernard pulled Desmond out of the well, only for Locke to track them down and threaten to kill the couple unless Desmond cooperated. He agreed.

- On the way to the light source, they ran into Hurley, Sawyer, Kate and Jack. Jack said he was fine with going along with Locke to the light because he'd kill him there. How? He had no real plan, but figured Desmond would be a weapon.

- At the light cave, Desmond was lowered down and essentially put the light out by uncorking it and having it escape. Up top, it started to storm and the island started to crumble. Locke said he was right, assuming the island would soon sink, but when Jack attacked him, Locke bled. Somehow, this made him human.

- Which came in handy later on: Jack and Locke fought on a cliff, as Locke wanted to climb down and get to his boat and sail away. Kate snuck up from behind and shot Locke. He died just like that. Jack sent Kate and Sawyer to the boat, so they could get over to Hydra Island (picking up Claire on the way) and meet up with an alive Lapidus, Miles and Richard, who were firing up the Ajira plane. Ben and Hurley chose to stay with Jack.

- When they got back to the light cave, Jack said he basically had to sacrifice himself to reignite the light. He appointed Hurley as his successor. When Jack got down to the cave, he hoisted Desmond back up, saving his life and successfully returned the light. Hurley saw Jack was not returning and asked Ben to help him be the new protector.

THE SIDEWAYS WORLD we later learned was a form of purgatory. Here's how we arrived there:

- There were numerous moments (such as Kate helping Claire give birth, Sawyer and Juliet touching hands) in which Sideways characters were enlightened. They knew who they were completely and what they had gone through. But not Jack. He was the final one.

- Kate tracked Jack down at David's concert and led him to a church, where she said everyone else was. In back? His father's coffin. Jack went there, but it was empty. He was greeted by Christian Shepard, who explained to us all what the Sideways world was:

It was a place the characters created (when Jacob touched them, we can safely presume) on the island. They had all died, some as we saw on the island, others many years later. But they had been waiting here for everyone to arrive. The place was created so they would find each other, rely on each other to accept the past, learn from it - and "move on," as Christian said. To where? It was never specified.

But when Jack stepped into the church, all the castaways were there. They hugged each other and sat down as Christian opened the main door, and let the light in. Quick cut back to the island, where Jack staggers around, bleeding. He falls to the ground. Vincent comes over and lies down next to him.

Jack sees a plane flying above, and we get a close up of his eye. It shuts.

Episode Number:

i think overall the final series was disappointing and kind of expected an anti climax ending the writers really could have satisfied our questions a bit more but seemed to tease and somewhat manipulate the viewers to the end i was an avid fan since the first ever episode and really did expect to have more answers at the end even a few more we never saw if the plane succeeded getting off the island in the last episode and what happenned to hurley and ben the sun and jin sideways story was confusing but all said and watched i really was in love with the whole thing and will really miss it


Was that a serious question? You obviously don't watch the show, why even ask?


The End doesn't matter.
The Ride did. Thank You!


Could you please try and explain this please anybody how are they at the two places at once and get those "flashbacks" or are they even at the same time?


Moose -
If I where to take on your point in watching the show, I would've watched the first season and made up the rest in my head after that and quit watching....not the way to follow a story. You simply don't END a series like this with questions.
Sure it was a character based series as well, but are you saying it wasn't based on mystery either? Because it was! How hard is it to wrap up the character aspect AND the mystery aspect of it? Well it's hard to do when you're lazy! When you tell a story of mystery, you reveal it at the end. Have you ever read a mystery novel and found they don't tell you who the killer (or w/e the mystery is) is at the end? No...but thats what they basically did with this series which makes it a terrible ending.
Like I said, they posed so many mysteries they didn't know how to close them all...and sadly that's where the writers failed.
I find it very sad they ended it this way. It could've been such a GREAT story!!! To bad they got lazy. I suppose if I started the series with a empty bank account...and by the end it held millions...well why the hell would you put any extra effort into finishing it if you already cashed in your jackpot? :(


I feel I've been a pretty avid fan of Lost. However, I was terribly disappointed in the final season. I thought the Jacob/MIB background story was downright crab. Surely the writers could have come up with a better origin for the smoke monster. I thought the finale stunk as well. This show had the potential to be one of the best series ever create, if not the best. However, it almost seems the writers were forced to come up with things to keep the show going. I think the whole alter-reality idea was the kiss of death for the show. I also can't believe they never explained where the ancient parts of the island came from (temple, statue, bottom of waterfall) given that they were such an important part of the show. I guess I'm one seriously disappointed Lost Fan.


the last episode was boring and so cheesy.its sad really.im so dissapointed


To all you people that thought that ending sucked, I feel sorry for you!! Does everything have to be spoon fed to you people?
All the un-answered questions were left open for each and every one of us to determine the answer in our own way. Use your own imagination people!!!! There is no way that Lidelof/Cuse could ever write an explanation for all those questions and the end result being satisfying to all us viewers. You want to know what the Smoke Monster is? you want to know what the Island is? you make that part of the story up on your own, cause I promise that whatever theory you come up with is going to be better to you than any answer the Lindelof/Cuse could ever give us! LOST has ALWAYS been a story about the Characters, The ending could not have been executed more perfectly. All the real fans of the show know this…..so please, stop crying about not getting any answers, I and a lot of other people are getting annoyed with it!


I for one I thought that this was one of the greatest endings. It didn't answer all the questions that plagued us for 6 seasons, but that wasn't the point. I understand the show started with more questions than answers but the show was about the people and their journey's. I give great praise to the creators of "Lost" for giving us a masterpiece of entertainment for 6 years.


I never expected to see all answers. And I kind of like the "island-Ending", but the alternate history - edning just didnt made any sense - Atomic bomb? Desmond as a failsafe? Widmores plan? All the extras in the sideways (inklusind the bad guys)?
I thought the Lost would end with everybody on the island dead and the flash-sideway-people somhow travel to the island to wrap things up. That would have been much more logical.

Lost Season 6 Episode 16 Quotes

Jack: Where are we?
Christian: This is a place you all made together so you could find one another...Nobody does it all alone. You needed them and they needed you.
Jack: For what?
Christian: To remember and to let go.

You're not John Locke, you disrespect his memory by wearing his face, but you are nothing like him. It turns out he was right about just about everything. I just wish I could have told him that when he was still alive.