On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 2, Yung Joc juggles a new love with an old flame, and Rasheeda receives some alarming information from Kirk's new artist.

"The Danger Zone"

On Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 4 Episode 1, Stevie J's bad behavior jeopardizes Mimi's new business venture, and Erica has child-support issues with Scrappy;

"The Reunion Part 3"

We get a rundown of the major reunion fight on this episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta. We also learn about Mimi and Nikko's relationship.

"The Reunion Part 2"

The ladies continue to bicker and debate on part two of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion.

"Reunion - Part 1"

Ready to reunite? The ladies come back together and go at it on the first part of the Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta reunion.

Joseline gets insulted this week. She can't believe Stevie J believes Benzino’s accusations that she's bullying Althea.

Mimi learns details about Nikko's marriage on this episode. As you might expect, she demands answers.

"Blast From The Past"

Karlie and Joc hit a breaking point in their relationship this week, while Benzino attempts to secure his future with Althea.

"Loss for Words"

The fallout from Mimi's cover shoot continues on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta this week. Elsewhere, Joc is caught in a compromising situation.

Mimi earns a spot on the cover of Stevie's magazine on this interesting episode of Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta.