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-Dani helps a linebacker called Rhino with his sleep eating problem.  Turns out Rhino sleep walks and eats and his weight gain may get him kicked off the team.

-Rhino is stressed because he's supporting family and friends while hiding it from his wife. Dani convinces him to come clean and come up with a plan to force his friends out on their own.

-TK and Damon start a hazing war.  When things get too heated, Nico must step in.  He scares the boys by making them think Damon's playbook has been stolen to teach them a lesson.

-Dani's friend Jeanette returns from Europe.  Her boyfriend wants to get married but she balking after having two failed marriages.  Then she finds out she's pregnant.

-Matt wants to move in with Dani but Dani feels it's too soon.  Matt asks Jeanette to help him pick out an engagement ring.

-Lindsay begins therapy and pushes to do a Peace Corps program in Africa.  Her father agrees but Lindsay is furious when her mother says no.

-Dani tries to compromise with her daughter to find a volunteer program here in the states.

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to me about my walkfor this year 2011, I have a short phsrae He spoke to me, let go in 2011 , meaning lay everything before Him, work, relationships, business, church, everything and that what you spoke of a closer walk with Him spending time, reading His Word, ask him who, what, where I am to go and do. Just to let you know that at Dynasty 2007 in Los Angeles, you blessed us by having a prophetic team of people pray over each individual, there are portions of the prophetic word given to me that have come to fruition. One of the conditions of the prophetic word was a requirement of a tighter walk with the Lord, your message confirmed this again to me as I had let the busyness of the cares of this world hinder me ..not this year I have heard your cry, stay close to Jesus to succeed in 2011. God bless you, Hansand the staff at Called to Freedom.Bernie Kim

Necessary Roughness Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Ray Jay's never been to Hawaii? I've never been to Hawaii.


With the new comes possibility, excitement, and of course anxiety and that anxiety can sometimes eat you alive. That is unless you eat it first.