One Life To Live

Fridays 12:00 AM
Todd and marty
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John and Ramsey arrive in Ireland and zero in on the spot they think Marty and her son are being held. At La Boulet, Dorian introduces her new friend to Blair. Bo tells Clint and Nora about Jared's stretch in prison. Gigi drops by the Bon Suites and is astonished when David answers Viki's door - wearing only a towel.

Blair tells Dorian in about the disappearance of Starr's boyfriend and his mom. Claiming he was nabbed by three strangers, Simon prods Marty to recall any names Patrick may have given her. Todd holds a knife to Michael and orders him to disclose where Marcie took his son. Viki hastens to assure Gigi that David spent the night on the floor and will soon be long gone.

Marcie is dismayed to see she's running out of cash. When Marty (Christina Chambers) again insists she knows nothing, Simon pulls a gun and threatens to kill Cole (Brandon Buddy) in front of her unless she talks. Charlie phones Viki with an update on the search for his son.

Simon informs Marty that he killed her husband because he knew too much. Dorian (Robin Strasser) tells Starr that she should to return to school and to her normal routine. John and Ramsey make their move but realize they're too late when the locked room proves to be empty. David at last is face to face with Marcie (Kathy Brier) at the Bon Suites.

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