One Life To Live

Fridays 12:00 AM
Todd and marty
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Today, on One Life to Live, Talia stops a car for speeding and is surprised to discover Antonio behind the wheel. Blair continues to have her hands full with a screaming Sam as the unhappy child cries for his mommy. Charlie sadly tells Dorian he's decided to walk away from his son and leave Jared to his new life. Gigi reminds Shane why he must never go off with a stranger again. Todd tells Ramsey about the ultimatum he received from John.

Dorian advises Charlie not to give up on Jared just yet. Antonio admits to an amused Talia how he deliberately committed a traffic infraction in order to spend some time with her. Todd shudders when Ramsey offers to silence Gigi for good. Blair admires Charlie's easy way with Sam. Rex threatens to cut his agitated mother out of his life unless she divulges the truth. Desperate not to lose Rex, Roxy blurts out that Charlie is his real dad.

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