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Looking Cozy
Watch Parenthood Season 5 Episode 1
"It Has To Be Now"
Original Air Date:

On the Parenthood season 5 premiere, Jasmine and Crosby enjoy their new baby while Kristina dives into a new project after her cancer-free diagnosis and Hank moves back to California.

Kristina's Next Round
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 15
"Because You're My Sister"
Original Air Date:

On the season finale of Parenthood, Sarah must choose between Hank and Mark while Jasmine and Crosby get exciting news. Meanwhile, Amber and Ryan discuss their future while Drew gets responses from colleges.

Will Sarah Choose?
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 14
"One Step Forward, Two Steps Back"
Original Air Date:

Julia and Joel must make a decision as Victor's adoption deadline approaches. Renee pushes her boundaries with Crosby and Jasmine and Mark and Sarah contemplate their relationship on this week's Parenthood.

Can Camille Help?
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 13
"Small Victories"
Original Air Date:

On Parenthood, Mark goes to Sarah with news about Drew and Amy, Crosby already has issues with the new living arrangement, while Julie and Joel have doubts when it comes to parenting Victor.

Crosby's House Guest
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 12
"Keep On Rowing"
Original Air Date:

On Parenthood, Victor is upset when he gets news about his mother. Kristina and Adam plan a night out and Jasmine and Crosby have a guest in their home.

A Braverman Christmas
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 11
"What to My Wondering Eyes"
Original Air Date:

On Parenthood, Crosby and Jasmine share their first Christmas as a married couple while Adam and Kristine have a serious medical scare over the holiday.

Sarah and Hank Drunk
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 10
"Trouble in Candyland"
Original Air Date:

This week on Parenthood, Kristina gives Julia advice, while Mark catches Sarah and Hank drunk and wonders what would have happened if he hadn't been there.

Julie & Joel Adjust
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 9
"You Can't Always Get What You Want"
Original Air Date:

On Parenthood, Julia has to adjust as she stays home and Joel heads out to pursue his career while Sarah and Mark's relationship comes to a head.

Kristina's Cancer Treatments
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 8
"One More Weekend With You"
Original Air Date:

When Sarah and Mark deal with a parenting issue they start to question their relationship. Amber garners some insights into Ryan's past and while Adam and Kristina try to arrange a sleepover for Max.

Amber & Ryan
Watch Parenthood Season 4 Episode 7
Original Air Date:

Camille and Crosby try to help out Kristina and the family as she undergoes treatment and Sarah and Zeke are concerned about Amber's growing relationship with Ryan on Parenthood.

When you watch Parenthood online, you will discover the Braverman family. The parents, Zeek and Camille, their four children, Adam (and his wife Kristina), Sarah, Julia (and her husband Joel) and Crosby (and eventually, his wife Jasmine). There are a lot of children as well. Max has Asperger's. Haddie is his older sister and Nora is the baby of Adam's family. Sara has Amber and Drew, teenagers from her former love, Seth, who was an addict. Joel and Julia have Sydney and eventually adopt a boy named Victor after trying so long to have their own genetic child. Crosby never knew he had a son with an old flame, but Jasmine showed up years later with Jabbar in tow. They eventually add a second child, daughter Aida. The things that happen in the Braverman family happen in your family. They represent all of our families. The Bravermans are us and they make us laugh and cry (both) in every episode. Marriages grow and they suffer. Children grow and stumble and fall. Siblings fight, whether they are children or they are adults. There really is something for everyone when you watch Parenthood online, so pick a season and an episode and go to town!

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Does the not father want to cut the cord?

Nurse Natalie

Yeah, I'll even do ballet for a burger and pie.


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