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During her second shift, Andy is assigned to work with Swarek. He's not happy she ruined his undercover gig.

But Any ends up impressing the guy she sort of crushes on: Swarek gets into trouble after a CI he failed to register goes missing. However, Andy tracks down key evidence in the case Swarek has been pursing for months and brings it to him just as Swarek has a gun to his head. Swarek uses this evidence to trade for his CI's life.

Andy is impressed he gave up his investigation for this woman's freedom - but that doesn't mean she'll make out with him. She turns away near the end of the episode, an act witnessed by Peck.


- Peck steals a bust from Epstein, who wanted to prove to everyone how tough he is. Everyone on the force was assigned to track down an escaped drug dealer and Peck brings him in.

- Traci and Jerry's relationship gets ratched up. He helps her solve a case and then tells him that she wants to go on an actual date.

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Who was the older actor in the bar at near the end of the show. The Mob guy, is he Canadian? Seen him in a few different movies.


no she doesn't leona. did u ever watch the movie Stick It? she's the star in that, not TWILIGHT!


is it just me or Andy does look like Twilight's Kristen Stewart?


I am really enjoying this summer series. I like the cast and the chemistry between them all.

Rookie Blue Season 1 Episode 2 Quotes

I'm a rookie. I'm just here to listen and learn.


She follow you down and alley and jump on you, too? She does that.