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Ivy loses her voice during rehearsals and ends up taking steroids to quicken her recovery. The drugs have side effects that cause her to hallucinate and have an outburst at rehearsal. Karen is asked to be prepared to take over the Marilyn role in case Ivy doesn't get better, but doesn't get the opportunity. Michael pesters Julia to meet with him again. She gives in and meets him at the rehearsal hall at night. They give into their passion and have sex. Eileen looks for a new place to live and hangs out with Ellis and his friend.

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Rodney Darkchild Jerkins the realest and ebfxille producer in the game! you got a discography a decade long and that telephone record im speechless a salute n applaud you!! Gaga u did your thing, next pop queen! I learn from you all one day ill be like you guys truss me!!


Jessie J - Who You Are


I also wanna know what that song is


I just want to know what song Ivy sang in her bedroom right after she saw Marilyn Monroe in the mirror. What song was that? It had the line "seeing is believing" in it. Please help me.

Smash Season 1 Episode 6 Music

  Song Artist
Song Shake It Out Smash Cast
Song On Lexington & 52nd Street Smash Cast