So You Think You Can Dance

Wednesdays 8:00 PM on FOX
So you think you can dance
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So You Think You Can Dance Judges
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Standouts from L.A.:

  • Lauren Froderman: Her "kid appropriate sexy routine" was not, but she's got skills.
  • Christina Santana: Billy Bell's near nose breaker from last season is back - and hot.
  • Rachel Girma: A former Olympic hopeful in rhythmic gymnastics sure looked like it.
  • Alexie Agdeppa: Slinky and stunning, showing off equal parts strength and style.
  • Melinda Sullivan: Hipster tap dancer. Really. It's as crazy and awesome as it sounds.
  • Ryan Ramirez: Assisted Mia Michaels' on So You Think You Can Dance Season 4.

Standouts from Chicago:

  • Kent Boyd: Combination of stunning technique and small town charm.
  • Andrew Phillips: Dances for his twin brother who is wheelchair-bound.
  • Adrian Lee: Danced like a joyful, weightless feather. Truly a marvel.
  • Jarrod Mayo: This Momma's Boy danced with surprising intensity.
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