The SYTYCD Judges
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After Alex Wong and Ashley Galvan couldn't even perform the last two weeks, Billy Bell was in the same position last night. Only he could have danced, yet opted not to.

Billy, who didn't perform with the top six Wednesday, was on the block with Robert Roldan and Jose Ruiz. Lauren Froderman, Kent Boyd and Adechike Torbert were safe.

But unlike Alex and Ashley, Billy won a reprieve. Borrowing a move from American Idol, no one was eliminated this week. We didn't know that was even possible.

Next week two dancers will go home instead.

The question is whether the controversial move short-changes Ashley, who might have been able to heal in a week's time. Alex was DFY and had to go. But Billy could have danced last night - he was cleared by the doctors. Why didn't he? Did the judges play favorites? Did he know his best chance was to heal and hope he stuck around?

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I agree that the judges seem to be making up the rules as they go along. They should not have broken precedent. How did Billy deserve to stay on after he chose not to dance for his life? Perhaps the best decision would have been to allow the fans to include Billy in the voting anyway, then if he hit the bottom 3 and still refused to dance, he should have been eliminated. They could also have eliminated the weakest danceer left, who was Jose.Their decision was probably based on fear that the ratings would fall further if they eliminated 3 dancers in a row because of injury.
I miss Mary Murphy too, shriek and all. Mia has been a disappointment on the whole. She did insert a bit of professionalsm when describing the levels of contemporary dance.
Bring back guest judges!
Stop the constant shilling of this year's format, Nigel! It's sucked the life out of the show, much as I love the "All-Stars". Also, what message is it sending to would-be SYTYCD auditionists when alumni get to tour for a second time and some of this year's top ten won't? Is the standard of dance going down?


I believe this show has gotten away from talent and it has become a popularity contest, not dancing anymore...what a shame, bad mistake for the judges lastnight 7-22-10 they are making up their own rules as they go. I agree bring Mary Murphy back ..


Please bring back Mary Murphy...Get rid of the bi-polar Mia Michaels...She does not know how to give constructive criticism...Michaels is insensitive, cruel, vile, hostile, angry, overly emotional and so full of herself.....Ratings are plummeting because of Mia Michaels....