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SAMCRO welcomes in three new prospects and Happy transfers in from the Nomads. Kozik from Tacoma doesn't get in because Tig votes nay at the Redwood Table.  The two of them then get into an all out brawl.

Stahl and Jax discuss the details of what Gemma needs to do to keep their plan to get her out of prison alive.  He then gives the plan to Gemma so that she can lie about what happened at the safe house. Gemma fingers Stahl's partner, Agent Tyler, for the murder of Edmund in her deposition.

Jax goes to Tara to get help selling the prescription drugs they have so that they can have enough money to get to Belfast.  They sell the scripts to a clinic and Darby of the Nords witnesses the act. He then goes and tells Hale about it. The cops then raid the SAMCRO club looking for prescription drugs.

The gang steals the drugs Calavaras was transporting for the Mayans.  The Sons convince Alvarez to use their Grim Bastards in Lodi instead of Calavaras.  SAMCRO gets a cut and they are on the inside in Lodi.

Opie, Tig and Kozik head to the hospital to take care of a rat that Alvarez wants them to take out.  

The Sons' bail hearing gets pushed back ten days, so they have time to go to Belfast to find Abel.  They get Oswald to find them a way to Ireland.

Jax breaks things off with Tara and then gets with Ima the porn star.

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Jaxx is right for wanting the best for Tara. He knows that in the end she will destroy her self and her career for him. BUT Breaking up with her like that and then having sex with a pornstar, is the wrong way to deal with problems in life. He is having a hard time yes, but he also needs a kick in the butt if you ask me. And Tara's pregnancy? Abortion maybe for the second time? Or keep the baby and commit her self with a man like Jaxx? Tough decision...


you call him a cheater even though he told Tara he was done that doesnt make any sense he is heart broken he feels trapped an he loves her so much that he sees what the club is doing to her an says goodbye


jax is going through the worst time in his life . and clay is drawing him in deeper and deeper . he really does not know what to do , so instant gratification may be his line this week . however we all know that he will come to his senses later on down the road . however this episode when he sleeped with that skank and the episode with gemma being raped by henry rollins will both haunt me . simply because these actions are so out of character for these fine actors . and the point is thats what makes this show fantastic ... every show is jaw dropping and thats why we all love it or love to hate it ...


Jax, what the Hell is wrong with you, having sex with a f***ing hooker, after you have a girlfriend of your own, and is pregnant with your kid, and you have a son in a freaking orphanage, you are the stupidest son of a bitch in the world, if I was their, I will beat the s**t out of you, I hope she smacks you so hard, you will be crying. How dare you Jackson Teller, you better dare pray to God she will forgive you, which I doubt, you better think of something, or it will be Hell for you. You might get kicked out of the club, and you will never see your son, do something you perverted prick, and think right, for your club, and family, not have sex with a f***ing slut.


seriously...jax?? that broad is so nasty...he is gonna be killing himself when he finds out Tara is pregnant! Wish it wasn't so JAX...you were way more HOT when you weren't a cheater!

Sons of Anarchy Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

Right now you're not my mother. You're just a member's old lady and I'm telling you this is what you need to do to protect SAMCRO.


Tig just wants you to know how big his dick is. We'll vote again in a couple weeks. You'll be SAMCRO.