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- Daphne is mad at Wilkie for reusing dates with her.

- Regina and Angelo are sleeping together.

- Emmett moves in with his laid back father.

- Bay finds out Emmet isn't a virgin.

- Daphne suspects John is having an affair.

- The Kennish's investigator finds out that Angelo is a fugitive. 

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I hope Emmett's dad at least likes Bay, otherwise their relationship won't last much longer. It's already been quite the strain with Melody's strong disapproval, Daphne's angry jealousy, and everyone's lack of real acknowledgement that Bay and Emmett are actually a couple. With the added pressures of Emmett being deaf and Bay still learning to sign, another set back might prove too much for our young lovers. I say all this as supporter of their relationship. I like them together.

Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

If you think my dad is the kind of guy who's gonna cheat on my mom, then you clearly haven't been in this family long enough.

Toby [to Daphne]

You thought my life was one giant kegstand.