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- It's Emmett's birthday.

- Daphne and Bay decide to make a silent zombie movie for Emmett's birthday.

- Emmett apologizes to Bay for their fight.

- Wilkie finds out about Simone and Emmett.

- Kathryn is mad at John for telling Sara Lazar something personal.

- Regina agrees to help Kathryn write her book. 

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I love my beagle Lucy. She would never hurt a fly, and she has been benyod patient and understanding since our son was born. There are times in the evening when we've been going all day, and we sit down to relax, and we notice Lucy just laying there. She patiently waits all day for our son to go to bed before she wants to play, which is very thoughtful.But Our walks. Oh goodness, our walks. Most of the time, she will stay by our side with a loose leash, which is great. Then, she'll pick up the scent of a french fry that was there 4 years ago, and she'll dart into the grass and almost take me off of my feet. A twenty-two pound beagle almost upends a 185lb grown man. Once she gets there, she will smell. And smell. And smell some more.Then there's hovering in the kitchen. I'm gonna feel like a horrible monster when I accidentally spill a pot of boiling water on her because she's waiting for me to drop something.Still, she's the most loving dog I have ever known (sorry, Emmett & Lucas!). She's family, so there are times when she gets under our skin. When she brings that toy up to my wife or I after our son has gone to bed, and those eyes say, Is it my turn now? , we absolutely melt. We can't wait for her and our son to be best of friends.

Switched at Birth Season 1 Episode 21 Quotes

It's Jekyll and Hyde.

Bay [about Emmett]

I'm sorry I'm a sore loser.