"Boiling Point"

This week, on MTV's Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 9, Amber and Matt get into a heated argument about Amber's social anxiety and behavioral changes.

"Mom vs. Mom"

On Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 8, the drama continues as Maci and Farrah have a confrontation that leads to an argument about parenting styles.

"First Time for Everything"

On Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 7, Maci came back to the series. But she had conditions regarding Bentley. Also, Amber got engaged!

"The F Bomb"

On Teen Mom OG this week, Cate is diagnosed with gestational diabetes. Elsewhere, Farrah has a tough time when her mother comes to visit, which we totally understand.

"Surprise Surprise"

On Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 5, Cate and Tyler met up with Brandon and Teresa. Yes, it was a tad awkward. Elsewhere, Maci told Ryan and his family that she's having a baby with Taylor.

"New Kids on the Block"

On Teen Mom Season 11 Episode 4, Cate discovers that Brandon and Teresa want to discuss adoption issues. Also, Amber is stunned by some news related to Gary.

"Old Wounds"

On Teen Mom OG this week, Tyler posts a video of Carly on their fan page. But this move doesn't go over very well with Brandon and Teresa.

"Back to School"

On this episode of Teen Mom OG, Cate and Tyler plan a party. For what reason? So they can go public with their baby's gender! Exciting!

"Teen Mom OG Premiere"

What have the original Teen Moms been up to? We go behind the scenes of their lives and relationships on Teen Mom OG.

"Season 5 Finale Special: Check Up With Dr. Drew Part 2"

Jenelle talks about her abortion, her pregnancy and her relationship with Nathan and Dr. Drew examines Chelsea's relationship on the conclusion of the season 5 finale of Teen Mom 2.