Wednesdays 10:00 PM on FX
"The Crazy Place"

Sonya and Marco must find a missing girl on the season finale of The Bridge.

"All About Eva"

Charlotte ends up in an unexpected alliance while Sonya works to rebuild her strained relationship with Marco on The Bridge.

"Take the Ride, Pay the Toll"

There's a final showdown as the killer's motives and methods are revealed on The Bridge.

"Old Friends"

Charlotte decides she must protect her ranch at all costs while Marco and Sonya get closer to catching the killer on The Bridge.

"The Beetle"

Charlotte reacts to the latest threat while Marco must race to save his family on The Bridge.


Charlotte's ranch ends up on the line while Sonya tracks down a lead that Marco believes is a dead end on The Bridge.


Charlotte questions Ray's motives while a prime suspect ends up cornered on The Bridge.

Charlotte looks to an old friend for help while Sonya and Hank's secrets come to light on The Bridge.

"The Beast"

Charlotte asks Marco for help and Linder gets a surprise visitor at his apartment on The Bridge.

"Maria of the Desert"

A powerful force from Juarez crosses the border while Marco breaks protocol during a ransom operation on The Bridge.