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All the housewives head out to Palm Springs for their yearly bonding trip.

Carlton pulls out her list of issues about the ladies. Brandi discloses that she and Carlton made out.

Carlton gets questioned about her pentagram tattoo, to which she tells the ladies that she is a practicing Wiccan.

Brandi begins to poke at Joyce by calling her Jaclyn and later at dinner, drunk Brandi emerges and starts a fight with Kyle.

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I was hoping that the racist comment would have caused that woman to be warned, as there is a law against two things that happened last night. I felt embarrassed that in this time -especially this week, bullying, disrespect ,and race, would raise their ugly heads. Some people are so simple. I've never seen such stark bitchiness like that pompous woman's who tried to shut up the hostess. I went to bed realizing that some people are shallow, and that such bitchiness still existed especially among people who think that they have it all. They are just false, and need the presence of a higher being to give them the grace that true ladies show. The hostess must be given credit for her cool temper during the constant insults. She smiled during the time the two disrespected her, and some were passive. She had to be hurting while showing a brave face, and responding assertively. What a disgraceful behavior of the renown woman. Snapping at the hostess. She has to lose the respect of some of her associates. What a bad example set by some of these mature women!. The two sisters kept their dignity with the hostess. Thanks for that levelheadedness..