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On the season premiere of The Walking Dead…

It's been some time after the attack on the farm, but Rick have survived out the winter. His relationship is strained with Lori, but the group continues to push on.

Rick and Daryl discover a prison, and the group in tactical formation sweep the inner section eliminating the walkers.

The group pushes further in an attempt to find more supplies, weapons, etc. After a walker ambush the group gets split up.

Hershel, trying to find Maggie and Glen, is bitten by a walker.

The group rush him into another room and Rick chops of part of Hershel's leg in order to save them.

A group of men in another room are shocked to see Rick and the others.

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Very very good series! I love it!


A better trailer, thanks!!!! Where can we see more and better trailer than this!!??


Come out with the movie I am tired of waiting. I am ready right now. If you going to do a trailer make it longer it pisses me off to see 20 seconds and most of that was commercial. Please do better.


The prison looks good and I can't wait for season3.