15 Memorable Moments from The Good Wife Season 5

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Enjoy these memorable moments from The Good Wife Season 5. Which stands out the most?

1. Meeting in Secret

Meeting in Secret
Alicia and Cary tried to keep the secret of their new firm for as long as possible, meaning a lot of private conversations.

2. Diane Got Married!

Diane Got Married!
Diane got married to Kurt McVeigh, proving that liberals and conservatives can make a go of it.

3. Sh*t Hit the Fan

Sh*t Hit the Fan
Thanks to a mouthy associate, the Florrick/Agos plans were revealed before they made their move, almost irreparably damaging the relationships between the two firms.

4. Firm vs. Firm

Firm vs. Firm
In the immediate aftermath of the exodus, it seemed every case would pit Florrick/Agos against Lockhart/Gardner.

5. Will and Alicia Fight Feelings

Will and Alicia Fight Feelings
Will and Alicia fought their feelings for each other and it was one of the deciding forces for Alicia to leave her parthership at Lockhart/Gardner.

6. Marilyn Garbanza Happened

Marilyn Garbanza Happened
Marilyn Garbanza awas introduced, given a position close to Peter despite her magnetic qualities. The reveal of her baby daddy, Peter, made for quite an odd moment on The Good Wife.

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