23 Memorable Cristina Yang Moments

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We love you, Cristina Yang! Relive some of this character's best moments here.

1. Cristina to Meredith: You're My Person

Meredith is Cristina's "person." This is the first time these two have used that term on Grey's Anatomy.

2. Cristina and Burke Dance!

Does it get any better than Cristina Yang dancing?!? She does so here with Burke.

3. Cristina Does Girl Talk

Cristina engages in girl talk in this Grey's Anatomy scene. Or at least she tries to do so.

4. To the Vent!

Is it hot in here? Or is it Cristina and Owen heading to the vent for the first time?

5. Cristina Sings!

Cristina Yang isn't known for her singing voice. But watch her belt out "Like a Virgin" here.

6. Cristina Goes Fishing!

Cristina and Derek go fishing in this memorable scene from 2010. Relive it now.

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where is the BOMB EPISODE? a- when she kicks Mer out of bed. BEST SCENE EVER. and also in the same episode with Burke- "be the other person".

Aja bird

Number 17. Christina's father died when she was 9. In a car wreck. She was in the car with him.


Um where is the CHRISTINA TALKS DIRTY TO A PATIENT remember when the power want out at the hospital and the patient'a only way to deal with his pain was to watch porn so christina made up her own dirty story to keep the patients pain at bay HELLO! Hilarious!!!! Lmbo!

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