7 Unexpected Facts About Gilmore Girls

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Who knew?!? Were you aware of these seven surprising facts about Gilmore Girls?

1. Fooled You!

Fooled You!
Neither Keiko Agena (Lane Kim) nor Emily Kuroda (Mrs. Kim) are Korean. They faked their accents on the series.

2. The Real Life Stars Hollow

The Real Life Stars Hollow
Stars Hollow is based on Washington Depot, a small town in Western Connecticut. Producers Amy Sherman-Palladino and her husband fell in love with the real-life village during a trip prior to filming.

3. A Different Sookie

A Different Sookie
Alex Borstein was originally selected to portray Sookie. But she had to drop out due to scheduling conflicts with MadTV and Family Guy.

4. THAT'S Why He Wore a Baseball Hat!

THAT'S Why He Wore a Baseball Hat!
Scott Patterson (Luke) played in the minor league systems of the New York Yankees, Texas Rangers and Los Angeles Dodgers.

5. THAT's Where I Know It From!

THAT's Where I Know It From!
Does the Dragonfly Inn looks familiar? The show used the same exterior as the one used for the Waltons' house on The Waltons.

6. A Favorite Lane

A Favorite Lane
Lane is based on Amy Sherman-Palladino's best friend, Helen Pai, who served as a producer on the show. Moreover, Lane's band's name, Hep Alien, is an anagram for Pai's name.

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Gilmore Girls Quotes

(about Max knowing his way around the kitchen)
Rory: He has much knowledge.
Lorelai: We shall form a cult around him.
Rory: Build a statue many stories high.
Lorelai: We shall grow our hair long and stop bathing.

Lorelai: Rory, I love you. I would take a bullet for you. But I'd rather stick something sharp in my ear than go to the club with you.
Rory: Fine.
Lorelai: I'd rather slide down a banister of razor blades and land in a pool of alcohol than go to the club with you.
Rory: I got it.
Lorelai: Don't stop me, I'm on a roll. I'd rather eat my own hand than go to the club with you. Ooh, I'd rather get my face surgically altered to look like that lunatic rich lady with the lion head than go to the club with you.
Rory: Would you like me to drive so you can continue your diatribe?
Lorelai: Would ya? Thanks. I'd rather cut off my head and use it as a punch bowl than go to the club with you.