American Horror Story Seasons: Choose Your Favorite!

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Three terrific seasons of American Horror Story have come and gone.

Check out photos from each and vote on your favorite now.

1. Murder House

Murder House
American Horror Story welcomed fans to the Murder House on Season 1. It made us scared to move to Los Angeles.

2. Asylum

American Horror Story Season 2 delved into aliens, Nazis and crazy people. Naturally.

3. Coven

American Horror Story Season 3 took us to New Orleans and into a coven of witches. Seriously effed up witches, we should say.

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Season 2


season 2 blows everything out of the water.


I still think season 1 was the best season. Every season since than it just gets worse and worse with their story line. Although I do like Freak shows more than I did Coven. But it's close to each other in how bad it is. Well enough I can watch through it, but I think it's mostly out of boredom. Who knows? I just know it keeps getting worse. I am not anxious to know what they come up with next. Hopefully they surprise me.

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American Horror Story Quotes

Nein. Nein. No matinees. No. People don't come to see freaks in the heat of day, they come in the evening when the darkness moves in and speaks of mystery and the unknown. When logic loosens it's vice grip and the imagination comes out to play. Night allows the stars to shine and we come alive. No. Daytime is for kiddie shows, clouds and cupie dolls. If that's what you're used to, but you're in a real freak show now. MY freak show!


Billie: Her husband murdered her with an ice pick.
Constance: It's hard to keep good help.