13 Romantic Sheldon and Amy Moments

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Slow, but steady is a good way to describe Sheldon and Amy's romance. Here are are of the highlights!

1. Sheldon and Amy Meet for the First Time

Sheldon and Amy Meet for the First Time
They were meant to be from their very first meeting!

2. Sheldon and Amy's First Date

Sheldon and Amy's First Date
Yes, Penny went on their first date. Something went right because they continued to see each other.

3. Amy Tries a Hand Holding Experiment with Sheldon

Amy Tries a Hand Holding Experiment with Sheldon
Sheldon and Amy do a scientific evaluation when she gets turned on by Zach. They determine that she's horny. He wants her to go out with Zach, but instead she tries a hand-holding experiment with Sheldon.

4. Sheldon and Amy Dance

Sheldon and Amy Dance
In a surprising move, Sheldon hits the dance floor with Amy.

5. Amy Kisses Sheldon

Amy Kisses Sheldon
After a night dancing, Amy kisses Sheldon. It's their first kiss!

6. Sheldon Asks Amy to be His Girlfriend

Sheldon Asks Amy to be His Girlfriend
After Amy flirts with Stuart, Sheldon realizes he wants Amy to be his girlfriend. She says yes, even though he gave her a Relationship Agreement.

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TBBT Quotes

Penny: Here's a question-- as an alien pretending to be human, are you planning to engage in any post-prom mating rituals with Amy?
Sheldon: There are post-prom mating rituals?
Penny: Not always. Unless your date drives a van with an air mattress, then always.
Sheldon: Well, if it's part of the prom experience, then I'm open to it.
Penny: You're kidding.
Sheldon: I may be an alien, but I have urges.If Amy wants to copulate by firing her eggs into space, well, then, I will happily catch them with the reproductive sac on my upper flermin. I'm not the best at reading facial cues, but I can see that you're a little turned on.

Penny: Hey, Sheldon, did you change your Wi-Fi password again?
Sheldon: Yes, it's "Penny, get your own Wi-Fi." No spaces.