Game of Thrones Photos from "The Watchers on the Wall"

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What can Game of Thrones  fans expect from "The Watchers on the Wall?" Check out these episodic images now.

1. A Giant Obstacle

A Giant Obstacle
Uh-oh. This guy appears to pose a giant problem for Castle Black.

2. Battle Over Castle Black

Battle Over Castle Black
The battle is on! Will Jon Snow and company be able to save Castle Black?

3. Jon Snow, At War

Jon Snow, At War
Jon Snow is ready for battle! He's protecting Castle Black in this Game of Thrones Season 4 scene.

4. Jon Snow and Sam

Jon Snow and Sam
Jon Snow and Samwell confer in this Game of Thrones scene. Will they be able to protect Castle Black?

5. Ygritte Takes Aim

Ygritte Takes Aim
Ygritte lines up a shot in this scene from "The Watchers on the Wall." It's the penultimate episode of Season 4.

6. A Kiss for Gilly

A Kiss for Gilly
Sam kept his promise to Gilly: He's alive! And he's getting some for himself in this scene.

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Great episode, and great pix! Jon Snow is finally coming into his own. Watch out Seven Kingdoms! Vale-Ygritte....

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A popular phrase in "con ustedes, el forobardo"

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