Glee Photos from "Back-Up Plan"

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Welcome to Glee, Shirley MacLaine. Click through photos from the Glee episode "Back-Up Plan" now.

1. Shirley MacLaine on Glee

Shirley MacLaine on Glee
Welcome to Fox, Shirley MacLaine. The veteran actress debuts here on Glee.

2. Shirley MacLaine Photo

Shirley MacLaine Photo
Shirley MacLaine watches Blaine perform in this scene from Glee. Her character takes an interest in him.

3. Rachel on an Audition

Rachel on an Audition
Rachel is auditioning for a pilot in this scene from the Glee installment "Back-Up Plan." It ain't Broadway, but hey.

4. Blaine at Dinner

Blaine at Dinner
Blaine is being wined and dined by a New York socialite in this Glee scene. She's portrayed by Shirley MacLaine.

5. Dealing with Santana

Dealing with Santana
Mercedes is back on Glee! She tries to help Santana with a record deal in this scene.

6. Kurt and Blaine in New York

Kurt and Blaine in New York
Blaine and Kurt are rather adorable. They sing it up here on the Glee episode "Back-Up Plan."

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