Suits Photos from "Exposure"

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Enjoy these photos are from Suits Season 4 Episode 8. Get your first look at the installment.

1. After a Breakup

After a Breakup
Mike and Rachel are working together again after their breakup in "Exposure."

2. The Litt is Out

The Litt is Out
Louis is trying to keep his chin up after his deal with Forstman.

3. A Wary Glance

A Wary Glance
Rachel casts a wary glance over her should in this still from "Exposure."

4. Fancy Dressing

Fancy Dressing
Jessica looks lovely in this still from the upcoming episode "Exposure."

5. Jessica Consults Harvey

Jessica Consults Harvey
Jessica and Harvey talk in this still from the episode "Exposure."

6. Forlorn

Rachel can't possibly relish working next to Mike when they're trying to weather a breakup.

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