Suits Photos from "Two in the Knees"

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Sit back and click through these photos from the Suits episode "Two in the Knees."

1. A Show of Remorse?

A Show of Remorse?
What have I done?!? Mike looks none too happy in this scene from Suits Season 4.

2. Silent on a Bench

Silent on a Bench
Come on, talk to me! This is a scene from the Suits episode "Two in the Knees."

3. Ready to Deal?

Ready to Deal?
Harvey sits confidently at lunch in this scene from the Suits episode "Two in the Knees."

4. DB Woodside on Suits

DB Woodside on Suits
Welcome to Suits, DB Woodside. We think you're gonna like it here.

5. Logan Sanders

Logan Sanders
What is Logan Sanders up to? He puts plans into motion on Suits Season 4.

6. Serious Donna

Serious Donna
Smile, Donna! Things have to start getting better soon... right?

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