True Blood Photos from "I Found You"

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Click through pictures from the True Blood episode "I Found You" here.

1. Alive... and Not Well

Alive... and Not Well
Eric is alive! But that doesn't mean all is well with the beloved vampire.

2. The Foreplay

The Foreplay
Join me for a drink? And maybe some fantasy gay sex?

3. Comforting Sookie

Comforting Sookie
Alcide is there for Sookie. But will these two be together by the time True Blood concludes?

4. What the Heck Happened Here?!?

What the Heck Happened Here?!?
Sookie and company visit a neighboring town and investigate how it's been affected by a vampire attack in this True Blood scene.

5. Diary Reading

Diary Reading
Sookie reads the diary of a young woman killed by some infected vampires in this True Blood scene. She can relate to the victim's past.

6. Arlene and Holly

Arlene and Holly
Arlene and Holly have seen better days. They are chained up here by those infected by Hep V.

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I'm a fairy? How fuckin lame!


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