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Can true love really conquer all? Check out this preview for the summer finale of Chloe King.
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TEAM ALEK FOREVEEER !!!! I hate Brian, and i totally agree with you: It's al about him when they talk !!! I mean, we know she can't tell him the truth, but even of her life as a teenager... I Hate you Brian !!! CHLOE&ALEK♥


Yes! I totally agree with you Lisa. Lately, with pouty Brian it's all been about him and his search with his mother. He hasn't really been there for her like Alek has been. Like with the last episode he could tell something was going on with her, but instead of really asking what was going on with her he goes on about his issues.


I want Chloe and Alek to be together!!! not with Brian

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The Nine Lives of Chloe King Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You laugh but I pack quite a punch!


Alek: I'm not cheating. It's natural talent.
Paul: You're using your Mai powers.
Alek: Yeah, which is 100% natural for me.