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The Order is out for death this week.

Brian takes Chloe to visit his grandmother.

Brian confronts his dad about his mother.

Chloe tells Meredith she is in love with Brian.

Alek gets upset when he overhears Chloe's conversation with Meredith.

Meredith meets with a potential investor, who turns out to be Whitley Rezza.

Zane tranquilizes Valentina, stabs Jasmine and reveals he is Alek's brother.

Chloe goes to find her dad, but walks into a trap, gets shot and dies.

Brian walks in, declares his love for Chloe, she awakens from the dead and kisses him.

Brian dies.

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Benjamin Stone has the coolest accent ever... just stating the obvious here.


This is the best show ever!! And Skyler Samuels and Benjamin Stone do an amazing job! They also have intense on screen chemistry so please let Chloe and Alek be together!! Thanks guys for an awesome 1st (hinthint) season!!


when is it comeing out on dvd


I LOVE ALEK SO MUCH.... i use to not like famous people cause i thought you never really meet them and what was the use but alek changed my mind. i really like benjamin stone because of the way he acts. he inspires me so much. thankyou benjamin.

The Nine Lives of Chloe King Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

You laugh but I pack quite a punch!


Alek: I'm not cheating. It's natural talent.
Paul: You're using your Mai powers.
Alek: Yeah, which is 100% natural for me.