Chuck and Blair, Season 2 Clip #2

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Chuck and Blair get it on in this scandalous, upcoming Gossip Girl clip! Looks like they're not done yet!

U guys r so amazing about gossip girl u guys r my fav. shows of all and I allways watch your guys tv show all the time it cool wit me. all u guys girls r my FANS. Chuck Bass u r so cute, hot, sexy to me. AND SERENA u r cool 2 me I like how u act & say things 2 everybody. Blair u r so amazing how u tried 2 hide things, secrets away from chuck Bass. So let you know that chuck Bass loves u BLAIR... I think u both mash well 2 gether.. :):0. 4 ever. Jenny humphrey u gotta stop lying 2 your dad & stop being bad at school. Dan humphrey serena loves u in her heart 4 ever I can tell that she does love u. Nate archibald u need 2 pick one girl in your life not nobody else. ok NATE ARCHIBALD? oh yeah I want 2 thank all of you guys fot this good commercial of your. by-bye love- yall all. I wish I can see you guys on me & my twin sisters birthday. Its on MAY 8. iF YOU GUYS WANT 2 CONTACT ME:Go to THEN MY E-MAIL by- bye


watch Blairs face at 0:55. lol so funny...she's so in love


OMG!!! i can`t believe it.... after all he pull her throug ....


OMG! Go t bed with me!!!! i can't beleve he says that!
he is a classic! luv em 4eva!

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Gossip Girl Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Serena: I'm scared.
Dan: Me too.
Serena: When I step out of here, it's over.
Dan: I think... I think it was already. It just took us this long to realize, and get used to it.

Gossip Girl: Spotted: Lady B acting not so lady-like. Hope you kept the receipt for that tiara, B.